Rick Macek's Bio

Hard working, intense, a thinker, honest to a fault, demanding but fair, and picky! These are not my words, but the words of my trades, suppliers and homeowners. All sounds pretty much right…..except it’s not picky, it’s particular!

A little about my background; I am born, raised, and educated in Toledo. The third child of three, born a first generation American of Polish immigrants displaced during World War II, whom immigrated to the USA after World War II. In my parents household you were required to do 2 things. Work hard and work harder, at all things, especially your job. Thankfully in my adult life that’s the easiest thing I have to work at, because I love my “Job”. I’ve been training for it all my life. As a young child I loved playing with Lincoln Logs, then at about the age of 10, by working on helping my father rehabilitate virtually condemned homes for his rental portfolio. Working on the rentals allowed me to acquire the full gamut of skills and knowledge required for building, in addition to working with a demanding “Boss/Client” (Dad), staying within budget (usually next to zero, since Dad had more time than money), and getting the job done on time ( for Dad that meant NOW or better yet yesterday!). These skills were further honed and developed by my formal education and working as a Civil Engineer/Construction Manager.

Little has really changed since my formative years except that I’m my own demanding “Boss” starting my company, Macek Custom Builders with my brother, Les in 1990, and our projects are significantly more involved and detailed since my Lincoln Log days (although I’ve done a few Timber Frame homes).

On a more personal note, I’ve been blissfully married for over 15 years and I love playing sports, especially basketball… the perfect networking sport, at least that’s what I tell all my friends and clients that try to convince me that it’s golf. For hobbies I love scrap booking, sewing and needle point…… Ha, just checking to see if you’re still reading this. My real hobbies are reading and trying to enjoy life without thinking about work all the time.

Les Macek Bio

Methodical, a problem-solver (MacGyver-type so say the trades), critical of details. I enjoy the process of coming up with simplified solutions to problems that arise on our jobs that many say are complicated.

A little about my background; I am native Toledoan. Educated with a BS in economics and an MBA.

As a child I loved the art and engineering of construction. Designing and modifying rockets, model cars, and remote control airplanes. I https://macekcustombuilders.comngs better! As a teenager I restored several real cars, from Novas, Corvettes to Porsches. With the income from some of these restorations I got my pilots licenshttps://macekcustombuilders.com to fly jets in the US Air Force, but alas the lack of 20-20 vision without glasses stopped that dream. I found new passions to concentrate my energies. For the last 20 plus years those energies have focused on developing and maintaining the Macek family real estate investment portfolio and teaming up with my "little" brother Rick, in Macek Custom Builders. We are each other's sounding board. We come up with solutions that will last and are cost effective, but always with an eye for aesthetic flow and harmony.

Macek Custom Builders started in 1990 and our projects have significantly become more involved and detailed since my plane, rocket, and automobile days. Some of our larger projects have exceeded 10,000 square feet with budgets in the millions, to smaller detailed remodels, renovations and insurance repairs in the thousands.

On a more personal note, I’m contentedly single. I love reading, especially on health and economic related issues, and I still love flying and sports cars.

To learn more about Macek Custom Builders see our testimonials, contact us through our on-line contact form, or call us at 419-861-7773.


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